Rafal Selega

Global Functional Safety Management Technical Authority |ABB |Poland

Mr. Rafal Selega has some 23 years’ experience within the Process Industries working previously for Air Liquide where he held a series of posts in process plant design, technical engineering, BPCS/SIS commissioning and compliance assessment roles. Rafal has in-depth experience for safety device and SIF architecture selection and the application of procedures to be applied for SIL determination, verification and functional safety management.

As an MSc Engineer working within the ABB UK Oil, Gas & Chemicals Technology Group since 2014, he currently works as a Functional Safety Consultant within the ABB FSM Technical Authority supporting of a TUV accredited functional safety management system for the specification, design, engineering, operations and maintenance of safety related systems within ABB’s global network and the delivery of supporting independent functional safety related training & consultancy services to ABB’s customers.


1.30PM - 6.00PM (GMT+8) Afternoon

How to Adjust Test Coverage for Various Test Activities that may be Part of a SIF Maintenance Strategy to Avoid Double-Counting Coverage in PFDavg Calculations and Overly Optimistic SIL Verification Results